Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Trailer And Screenshots Released

As I mentioned in my previous Transformers: Dark of the Moon game preview, there are a few reasons why this “movie” game might actually have a chance of perhaps being a break in the mold and possibly be a good game.   This hope comes from the fact that High Moon Studios has been developing this game, and their previous Transformers entry (War for Cybertron) received much praise for being a pretty damn good game.

The game will serve as a prequel to the upcoming movie, which will also help alleviate the need to stick to a plot that may or may not work with a particular gameplay (like so many other movie games).  Dark of the Moon introduces Stealth Force, which is the ability for your Autobot or Decepticon to explode their vehicle mode into a battle machine, the like of something out of Twisted Metal.  In addition to the arsenal, Stealth Force also allows for your vehicle to move laterally (in a mode that resembles War for Cybertron’s hover modes).  This adds a new control element that enhances the playability the vehicle mode.

At this point in time, it has been revealed that the game will sport a multiplayer mode that includes some kind of co-op play, but as to the details regarding game modes, we’ll have to just wait and see.

While no exact release date has been mentioned, expect the game to come within the time frame of the movie release.

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