Homefront Launch Trailer

Homefront is here and on store shelves already as some of you read this. The launch trailer clearly paints a very dark picture of the Korean invasion of North America. Bodies in the streets, mass graves, and concentration camp-esque imagery pervade the trailer. Even though the scenario is fictional, developer Kaos Studios, in conjunction with publisher THQ, are looking to bring a sense of realism to the title. It doesn’t matter that the trailer dresses up the brutality with a catchy rock tune, this game is looking to go for the jugular. Cars slamming into school buses, helicopters being blown out of the air in front of you, and enough bullets flying to make Stallone blush, make it clear that this game isn’t trying to shy away from the violence of war. Here’s hoping that the game lives up to the trailer. America Hell Yeah!

Written by Justin Spielmann

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