Brink – “A Matter of Class” Trailer

Splash Damage has quite the pedigree as a developer of FPS titles. They were formed by creators of the Quake 3 Fortress mod, helped with the multiplayer on Doom 3, and created the Enemy Territory franchise for id Software. However, since forming in 2001 Splash Damage has never gotten a chance to release a title based on an original IP – that all changes May 17th when Brink releases in North America.

The focus of Brink is role-based, multiplayer, team combat. The trailer demonstrates this nicely by giving us a sneak peek at the soldier, medic, engineer, and operative classes. Based on the trailer these classes fall into typical team-based FPS archetypes – an all around solider, a healing-based medic with limited firepower, an engineer to build support structures, and an operative that can cloak for stealth kills. However, tucked away within the trailer is Brink’s most interesting new feature, dynamic objectives. Using the Squad Commander system players will receive distinct objectives based on their location in a level, skill set, overall progress, and match conditions. This is demonstrated in the trailer as a radial menu that can be opened at any time to direct a player to their next objective. While you may have seen similar classes in other FPS titles the pedigree of Splash Damage and Brink’s Squad Commander system should give seasoned shooters fans something to check out later this spring.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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