Gauging Interest – Live Show in L.A. during E3 Week?

So, we’re throwing an idea around to do a live show in L.A. during E3 week. Most likely it would happen on Friday, June 10th. We want to get an idea now, since we’re thinking about renting a certain popular podcasting theater to do the show from, and time is running short.

There would probably be a door fee, but it wouldn’t exceed $10 from what it sounds like, and that would be used to pay the rental fee for the theater.

Please let us know if you’d be interested. The theater only has 50 seats, but I’m sure we could accommodate more if needed.

You can let us know by:
*Leave a comment here
*Email us at [email protected]
*Leave a comment in the thread in our forums at:
Forums Thread

Thanks much!

** Also, if anyone knows of a company that is interested in sponsoring an hour of the event, please send them our way. If we can get a sponsor, we could probably do a 2-hour show 🙂 **

Written by Glenn Percival

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