Gauging Interest – Live Show in L.A. during E3 Week?

So, we’re throwing an idea around to do a live show in L.A. during E3 week. Most likely it would happen on Friday, June 10th. We want to get an idea now, since we’re thinking about renting a certain popular podcasting theater to do the show from, and time is running short.

There would probably be a door fee, but it wouldn’t exceed $10 from what it sounds like, and that would be used to pay the rental fee for the theater.

Please let us know if you’d be interested. The theater only has 50 seats, but I’m sure we could accommodate more if needed.

You can let us know by:
*Leave a comment here
*Email us at [email protected]
*Leave a comment in the thread in our forums at:
Forums Thread

Thanks much!

** Also, if anyone knows of a company that is interested in sponsoring an hour of the event, please send them our way. If we can get a sponsor, we could probably do a 2-hour show 🙂 **

Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

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  • Anonymous

    I know of a group that would be willing to sponsor the show, listeners of the show. I know I have donated to the disasters going on in the world right now, but in just cleaning my car yesterday I found about $2 in change. if enough of us listeners are willing to donate just that to the show we can give back to something that allows us to escape from the issues of the day and hear about our hobby from some guys who do it for free. So how about it people, are you willing to give back to the show?

    • Anonymous

      I know I would. You guys should definitely set up a way to donate for this…I always admired that you guys do this for free, seeing as this is a fairly costly hobby these days, plus you always go a bit beyond to make it enjoyable.

      • Anonymous

        on the right column at the very bottom there is a donation button. you can use a credit card or paypal account. after you enter the info but right before you finalize the transaction there is a link to add a comment and on it when i donated i put sponsor live show or something like that.

  • Anonymous

    no i’m not interested. being honest

    • Appreciated lol. Honestly, I thought it was a crazy idea, but Josh was pretty gung-ho for it. The funny thing is, if we can get the venue, we may have a couple of kick-ass surprises for people that attend.


  • Anonymous

    Sadly I can’t make it to E3 this year, It would of been an honor to attended your show. Will donate to the live show if thats what you guys end up doing. Will donate soon anyway, help with the hosting costs and all that.

    Wish I could go to E3, have to wait ages to try the NGP, Uncharted 3, Dark Souls, Just Cause 3, ResiHD and Battlefield 3.

    Sod it, I’m going… … I can’t. Yes I can, I don’t need money… … Ok I kinda do. What was I writing about?

  • YESSS I am there XD

    • Sweet! I wish the damned venue would get back to us, it’s driving me insane waiting to find out if we can get it or not.

  • Anonymous

    Not really that interested in a live show during E3, just run around have interviews and check out every single game.

    I really liked your E3 coverage last time, definately the best I’ve seen/heard. I want you guys to do the same this time.. 🙂

    First a talk about the impression of the conferences..
    Then a superlong show with impressions of all the games you’ve seen, and don’t forget super detailed show-description, like last time, that were awesome.

    So if I want to hear about your impressions of ehh.. Warhawk 2, one more time, I can just fast forward to hour 4:20, and listen the ten minutes you talk about that game, before I go back to where I were.. 😛
    Or if I loose track of the title of the awesome game you are describing I can just check the show-description, and see what you’re talking about, instead of having to rewind in order to catch the name.

  • Interested in listening and meeting you goofballs again!