Super Stardust HD Gets New “Impact” DLC

Nope, it’s not over yet. Super Stardust HD was here at the beginning. It was here during the transition to 3D (with some of the best implementation of the 3D feature to date), and it will be here again in 2011 to provide you with a new way to enjoy it’s intergalactic arcade adventure. Daimion Pinnock, Producer, SCEA, stopped by the PlayStation Blog to introduce Super Stardust’s new Impact mode. Presenting a completely different way of playing Stardust, the new mode tasks you with trying a new experimental matter-to-energy boost engine technology.

Basically, when you hit your traditional boost, your ship becomes a weapon, and so long as you run into space rocks and enemies while in this mode, you will continue to attain energy and remain invincible. Sounds like an intense new way to play a game that, to this day, still maintains a serious fun factor.

Expect this DLC to hit the PlayStation Store this Spring.

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