Moon Diver: The Non-Strider, Strider-like Game, Out Today

So you fancy Strider?  You know, that amazing arcade (later Sega Genesis game) that had you ripping and shredding your way through enemies with your powerful cypher blade?  While the game enjoyed a sequel on the Sega Genesis, and another decent sequel on the PlayStation 1 (not to mention an alternate version of the game on the original NES), the last time we’ve seen Strider’s frantic gameplay was quite a few years ago.

Until today.  While Square Enix’s game Moon Diver is not a sequel, or even associated with the Strider series, its heart pounds with the same beat as the game that swallowed billions of quarters years ago.  The main reason for this is that Strider’s creator, Kouichi Yotsui, is the guy behind Moon Diver.  And one look at the trailer will confirm this, even without the need to mention it.

One amazing element that will make this game stand out, even above it’s spiritual predecessor, is the availability of four-player online/offline co-op.  Not only will you aid each other by slicing and dicing the enemy, but you will also used powerful team combos, called Moonsault Combinations.

Feast your peepers on the amazing trailer to Moon Diver, and check out the demo or full game with today’s PlayStation Store update.

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  • OMG This is why there are some awesome games on PSN that make most $60 Disc game look down on them. Going to try Demo out soon. Looks so goooooood.

    • Definitely enjoyed the demo, so I bought it. I think $15 is a bit steep, but if the level I finished last night was only level 1 of 12, then I don’t mind so much. There are four characters to level (and it saves your character progress), so there is plenty to do in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Balls! That looks damn fine.