StarDrone Light-speeds Its Way Onto The PlayStation Store Next Week

In what can best be described as Pac-Man CE DX meets Gravity Crash, meets a hyper pinball machine, Star Drone tasks you with piloting across the galaxy, collecting pieces of Equilibrix in order to bring stability to the universe and stop the evil G-Noids from taking over.  Sounds like the type of game description that might have a guy in a fancy space car picking you up, should you beat the game’s high-score.

The interesting gameplay component of StarDrone is constant speed.  You navigate curvy-twisted space mazes collecting Equilibrix, and the more matter you collect, the faster you go, until you reach the speed of light.  Obviously, the faster you go, the more reflex skills you will need to navigate and avoid danger, but powerups are available to aid you in your thumb-numbing maneuvering.

And speaking of thumb-numbing, StarDrone will also be compatible with PlayStation Move, so your thumbs might not suffer as much, depending on how well the implementation of the motion controller works.

StarDrone is coming to the PlayStation Store on April 5th, for $7.99 with a 50% discount for Playstation Plus subscribers.

StarDrone gameplay video 3 – intergalactic pinball ! from Beatshapers on Vimeo.

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