Resistance 3 Fully Loaded

Probably not a surprise but it was recently announced that Resistance 3 would include 3D and Move support.

Glenn and I had a chance to play Resistance 3 single player and multiplayer at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and at that point there was no mention of these additional features. I was actually impressed with that fact as the game seemed to focus on the other things such as tight gameplay, good graphics and lighting, and solid online multiplayer. Not to mention the return of the weapon wheel, two-player online or split-screen campaign co-op and a progression-based multiplayer system.

The fact that the game will be impressive in the “usual” spots while also featuring Move and 3D support will make it that much more appealing to the PlayStation masses.

I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Resistance 3 and will satiate my appetite with these GDC press photos (shared previously) in the interim. Anyone else excited for R3?

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  • Looking forward to R3 more than KZ3. Hope it delivers. KZ2 was not as bad as people/critics made it out to be..

  • Hadn’t been interested in the Resistance series at all before, but R3 has really impressed me in the last month or so. Really looking forward to it, hopefully there’ll be an open beta.

  • Anonymous

    This game looks like Gold son!

  • I’m really looking forward to R3. After playing KZ3 I’d like to play something that doesn’t sacrifice the single player experience for multiplayer.