Be in an Upcoming Catherine Trailer

Much of the news surrounding Atlus’ upcoming Catherine has focused on its puzzle gameplay and bizarre, surrealistic imagery. However, Atlus is looking to change this by offering fans a contest where winners will be included in an upcoming Catherine trailer. Atlus, via YouTube, asked interested gamers to post video responses answering three questions about relationships. Selected responses will appear in an upcoming trailer.

The questions that must be answered are:
1. Do you ever want to get married?
2. If so, to the person you’re with now?
3. If not, why?
Not the easiest questions to answer honestly and come to grips with.

Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales for Atlus, noted that “Catherine offers an unprecedented exploration of the psychology and emotion of relationships and commitment…A lot has been made of the game’s salacious content and of the nightmarish action-puzzle-platforming that ties the narrative scenes together, perhaps slightly overshadowing the game’s daring subject matter. By allowing fans to share their opinions about such poignant, relatable subjects, we believe it will shine more light on some of the heavy ideas Catherine brings to the table.”

Video responses must be at least 720p and submitted by 5:00 PM PDT on April 22, 2011. A full list of rules is available in the description of the YouTube video announcing the contest. Catherine is scheduled for a Summer 2011 release on PS3.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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