Disgaea 4 Premium Edition Announced

NIS America has announced Disgaea 4 Premium Edition, the extra special version of its long running and critically acclaimed strategy RPG franchise. The Premium Edition will come in a collectible game box that contains the game Disgaea 4, a full color, softcover art book and an exclusive figurine of Fuka, one of Disgaea 4’s main characters. The art book will include detailed character profiles, concept art, and story information. Both the standard and premium editions of Disgaea 4 are set to release in September, no pricing information for the Premium Edition was announced.

For Disgaea fans we also have a few tidbits of what they can expect this September. First off, better graphics, Disgaea 4 now boasts major graphical improvements, this is important given that a common criticism of Disgaea 3 was that it did not take full advantage of the PS3 hardware. There are new gameplay mechanics as you can now form your own political party to further swing battles in your favor. And if Disgaea games weren’t already packed with content, Disgaea 4 adds a new map-generating mode that lets you create custom maps and share them with your friends. Many have argued that Disgaea has nearly endless gameplay and with these new features, especially the map generator, it’s hard to disagree.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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