How Do You Survive This Storm?

So by now you have probably discovered that your PlayStation 3 cannot connect to PSN, thus you are unable to access the PlayStation Store, listen to music on Qriocity, spam your buddies with random emails, or play a nice game of the new Mortal Kombat online.

Well, truth be told, it’s not the end of the world, and with these simple suggestions, we at PSNation feel that you will survive being “virtually” snowed in, and live to boast about it.

Tip 1:  Read this Article:  After all, you have nothing better to do….unless (see Tip 2).

Tip 2:  Play the single player mode:  Most, if not all, of the recent releases sport a great story mode (yes, even Mortal Kombat).  Missing the online mode of Socom?  Why not try going through the story on the hardest setting and hone your skills for when this storm clears?  Or, if you have already beat the story mode, why not launch some bots and practice on them?  Go ahead, talk to them as if they were your buddies, no one will know.

Tip 3:  Backlog, baby:  That’s right.  If you are true gamer, you will probably have a legion of games that have not been completed, and if you’re like me, some haven’t even left their wrappings.  Time to fire up Ratchet and Clank Future: Crack in Time and complete it once and for all.  And incidentally, we have a backlog review of that game on the site.  Which leads me to…

Tip 4:  Catch up on some old news stories on  We love the attention.  And speaking of attention…

Tip 5:  Download past episodes of the PSNation Podcast (I’m talking OLD episodes) and listened to them on your PS3 (yes, you can still listen to your own music).  Make sure to do this in the dark with nothing but your underwear on.

Tip 6:  Watch a DVD or BluRay:  Even if your buddies are ragging on you about the PS3 “Not doing everything, after all,” put a BluRay on and enjoy.  See, unlike an unmentioned console, you still have your PS3 around when things like this happen.  It’s not in a box being shipped for repairs.  That said…

Tip 7:  Play a game on another console.  Come on, we’re all gamers here.  We love our PlayStations and swear by them, but gamers love games, and if you have a 360 sitting around, or just bought a fancy 3DS, now is the time to give it some love.  They feel, you know.

And last, but certainly not least. ..

Tip 8:  Send PSNation Podcast an email explaining what you are doing to pass the time during this ApocalyPS3.  The ones with the most interesting story will probably NOT be read on the podcast, but you never know.

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