Netflix Still Works On Your PS3, Despite The Outage

While this might be common knowledge to some, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to let readers know that, despite the current PS3 outage, Netflix is fully functional on your PS3.

PSNation’s Justin informed me that in order to watch Netflix on your PS3, you simply have to accept the login to PSN, and when you receive your first error, simply press Circle to cancel out and try to log in again.  Once again you will be presented with the login screen.  Press X to attempt to log in and cancel out when you are given the connection error.  At this point you should be at your Netflix selection screen and set to go.

An recent update from Sony states:

“I know you are waiting for additional information on when PlayStation Network and Qriocity services will be online. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update or timeframe to share at this point in time.

As we previously noted, this is a time intensive process and we’re working to get them back online quickly. We’ll keep you updated with information as it becomes available. We once again thank you for your patience.”

PSNation will be on top of the development, and we’ll let you know if any new information comes our way regarding this outage.  In the meantime, you still have access to Netflix, and I actually had Gran Turismo download an update this weekend, so game updates seem to work as well.

Now, back to finishing 3D Dot Game Hero!

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