Amazing New Sonic: Generation Screenshots

It’s always a challenge when a new Sonic game is announced.  First you get the fantastic screenshots, and then you see the game in motion.  You can’t help but get excited about what you see, and then the game is released and the reviews start pouring in, and you are disappointed to see that those screen shots could not convey broken gameplay, shoddy camera work, or simply the lack of magic that the classic Sonic games had.

It’s not that all of the recently-released Sonic titles have been bad, because Sonic 4: Episode 1 was a refreshing nod to the gameplay that made Sonic great in the first place.  But Sonic’s migration into the third dimension has been met with hit and misses.

Generations is once again proving that getting excited over a new Sonic game is simply something that cannot be helped, no matter how much your mind tells you to approach with caution.

And we have a few amazing images from the upcoming title to remind you that, you can’t control this, and it’s perfectly normal.  Get excited.

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