Hitman Absolution Announced

Developer IO Interactive recently revealed that the Hitman franchise, dormant since 2006, is returning to consoles in 2012 with Hitman Absolution. This fifth outing for Agent 47 finds him hunted by the police and embroiled in a conspiracy. Tore Blystad, game director, notes that Absolution “is both a familiar and yet significantly different experience from other Hitman games; something our silent assassins will relish, as will all those new to the Hitman world.” This should put long time fans at ease, as one of Hitman’s standout qualities was its reliance on stealth and executing the perfect kill to maximize rewards. In addition, IO will be using Absolution as a showcase for its new proprietary Glacier 2 technology. Hitman Absolution will be behind closed doors at E3 and is scheduled for PS3 release in 2012. Time to buff your head and check your holsters as you get ready to step back into the shoes of Agent 47.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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