Awesomenauts looks…Awesome

When we get information about a new game in the form of teasing screenshots and a quick backstory blurb, we have a few options. One is to simply pass it on to you, like a classmate would pass along a math worksheet, in order for you to hand it to the person next to you. Most of the time we’re excited about whatever comes out way because, naturally, that’s what game publishers want us to feel. As such, we tend to feel the need to contain excitement, in order to avoid jumping on the hype bandwagon.

But since most of us are gamers from the golden age of gaming (back when three lives meant three lives, and continues were something that only a new issue of a gaming magazine could help you achieve), it’s difficult to not get excited by even a few screenshots of a game that speaks your language. Such is the case with Awesomenauts. We don’t know much about it, except that the game pits you in a battle for galactic supremacy. You will fight along side Russian monkeys with jetpacks, giant robots, and aliens of the mighty kind. You will wage your battle in a 2D environment, in gameplay that harkens back to classic platforming, while mixing in online multiplayer functionality.

The guys at Ronimo Games are no strangers to 2D strategy and action, as their previous downloadable RTS title, Sword & Soldiers, indicates. While we only have a few screenshots available, the game looks stylish and curious enough to make us place a mental bookmark on the name Awesomenauts, and remember to check it out come E3 this year.

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