Latest Catherine Trailer Puts People on the Spot

As we announced in April an upcoming trailer for Atlus’ Catherine was going to use fan’s responses to serious relationship questions. Now that trailer is here, and it’s a bit odd. Against the sound of a ticking clock people have to answer the following three questions: 1. Do you ever want to get married?
2. If so, to the person you’re with now?
3. If not, why? Some of the responses are cute – a girl doesn’t want to scare off her current boyfriend by admitting she’d like to marry him. Other responses are just odd – a guy in what looks to be an Ed Hardy shirt, standing next to an Akira poster, and talking about how marriage kills your dreams. Sure it’s weird, but remember this is Atlus and the Persona team we are talking about. They have created games about using magic guns to shoot various religious deities out of your head to fight for you, so normal may not be in their wheelhouse.

In addition to the fan videos we are treated to a few of Catherine’s cinematics, which look to take place early in the game, and boy do they look buttery smooth. And of course the trailer provides a final temptation by reminding you about the deluxe edition that comes with all kinds of quirky goodies. Look for Catherine to hit shelves July 26th.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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