X-Men Destiny: Meet Grant

All Grant Alexander wanted to do was parlay his high school football stardom into a starting spot on the UC Berkeley Varsity Squad. However, his genetics had a different idea. Now that his mutant powers are beginning to manifest themselves the mutant/human rallies he had been ignoring begin to take on a new, deeper level of meaning.

Grant is one of three new mutant characters beginning introduced in X-Men Destiny that the player will have the choice to control and help them insure humanities safety or its ultimate destruction. X-Men Destiny is an action/RPG that will allow X-Men fans to customize their characters mutant ability and fight against or alongside such icons as Magneto, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Storm. Eventually you will even be able to join the X-Men or the Brother of Mutants. The moment-to-moment action of the game will allow for combo driven attacks and finishing moves, while the customization options provide a basic template that can be modified in dozens of ways. Whether you choose to fight for or against humanity will impact Destiny’s storyline, in addition to more morally ambiguous choices that will allow the player to shape their own story.

X-Men Destiny is being developed by Silicon Nights and published by Activision. Mike Carey, writer of X-Men: Legacy, wrote Destiny’s branching storyline. Get ready to fight for (or against) Xavier’s dream this September when X-Men Destiny is released.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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