New Amazing Dragon’s Dogma Video Shows Off Griffin Battle

I’ve been sorely missing the Monster Hunter series. It was a blast playing it on the PSP, and I did give the Wii version a shot as well. But I have to admit that, despite it being great games (regardless of the power of the system its being played on), I can’t help but wonder how amazing the series might look on a current generation console, like the PS3. Dragon’s Dogma settles that curiosity by upping the visuals, as well as the overall feel of fighting a creature that is ten times larger than your character (if not more).

This amazing new video shows the player character (along with his NPC buddies) taking on a giant griffin. The battle isn’t limited to hacking and slashing, as we see the player jumping on the mythical creature and riding it into the sky (Shadow of the Colossus style), as well as using a bow and arrow to lure the beast in and having an NPC wizard launching fire balls to ruffle up its feathers. All of these elements combined make for a spectacle of a game, and if Dragon’s Dogma sports a multiplayer mode on top of this, we are in for some serious online gaming goodness.

Check out the amazing video below.

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