Lose Your “Welcome Back” Downloads Because Of A PSN Error? We Can Help.

Did you hop onto the PlayStation Store today, ready to claim your two PS3 games (and two PSP games), only to receive the old PlayStation Store error and thus, lost your ability to finish downloading your game? I know I did, and It was pretty frustrating, because two of the games in particular we completely new to me, and I was excited to try them out. Well, there is a pretty easy way to get around this issue, and with these simple steps, you will be right on your way to downloading your welcome back titles.

1. On your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable navigate to the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB
2. Log into your PlayStation Network account and choose Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List
3. Choose “PlayStation Network Promotions” from the list of services displayed
4. Select either “PS3 Free Games” or “PSP Free Games” and then choose “Select Content””

I tried this (and received a few errors), and after some persistence, I was able to download my Mod Nation Racer and Killzone Liberation for PSP. Best of luck.

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  • Its been annoying trying to download the stuff off the store. But I guess it was to be expected being millions are going to try and do it at one time. Just glad its all back.

  • Got my two PS3 and two PSP games.  Now I need a larger memory stick.  I’m curious to hear why some people are planning on waiting until just before July 3rd to activate their month of PSN+.  Is something really great getting released in July that will be discounted or free?

  • Thanks Rey, great write-up! It helped me out tonight with this error.

  • Cool thanks for the info, had just a bit of problems as I expected but nothing serious. The free inFamous just gave me an excuse to go back and play through it as Evil since I went full Hero the first time.

  • Anonymous

    Had to help a friend do this earlier. Got him to pick Infamous and Dead Nation! Sadly I had all the games already but it’s great to be offering this to everyone. They all get a chance to play (& have) great games for ever & for free.

  • Great. Thanks for thr tip.

  • Anonymous

    Rey, you are truly awesome! I ran into this issue yesterday, and I wasn’t finding any help. Then I remembered, PSNation will be the calm in the bullshit storm of complains. Thanks for the information since I almost freaked out because I wasn’t able to download my second free PS3 game.

    • Anonymous

      It was on the PS Blog if you had any problems with the Welcome back package.

    •  I have to give credit to Josh; he passed this info to me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ray, can you get online with Modnation racers? Or do you have to pay 15 bucks to get the unlock?

    • There shouldn’t be an unlock so yes. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but if you go on the PS Store on the PSP, and you search modnation racers, you get an menu for dlc that unlocks the online functionality.

        • You’re correct, there’s a voucher required for online play. Forgot about that and I researched it to confirm.

    •  I haven’t tried going online with the PSP version yet, alas :(.  I hadn’t heard about a 15$ charge though.

      • Anonymous

        There is a voucher that you have to pay 15 bucks for to go online with the PSP version. Joel confirmed it. Thanks anyways.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome advice thanks!

  • Thanks a ton for the PSA instructions, Rey.  The glitches affected me, too, and I never would’ve figured it out on my own.  I was scrolling through my download and purchase lists with no luck. 

    Sure is surprising Sony isn’t handling this better than they are.  I know a fair percentage of gamers must’ve experienced the same hiccups we did.

    Ah, Sony.  Their own worst enemy.  [sigh]