Papo & Yo

Minority, an independent Canadian development studio, announced today a coop game that I’m very much looking forward to. Papo & Yo is coming to the PlayStation Network next year and is already looking like a must own for gamers who crave a unique coop experience.

In the game you control Quico through an adventure containing puzzles in which he’ll need help solving. Fortunately he has Monster to aid in his adventure and when Monster isn’t ripping Quico limb from limb he can be quite helpful. Quico must keep Monster away from the poisonous frogs or else.

Check back for coverage of Papo & Yo from the E3 show floor but in the meantime enjoy this teaser trailer of the game.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks very different. Could be very good, at least that’s what I’m hoping.

  • I edited the post because I was informed that the game will not be cooperative but will rather be a single player experience. Still sounds excellent and the buzz from E3 surrounding this title was large.