Street Fighter X Tekken Announcements

Capcom announced during the PlayStation press event earlier this evening some exciting news regarding the upcoming fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken.

First and probably most notably, Street Fighter X Tekken is also coming to the Vita (official name for NGP). Yoshinori Ono, producer, personally presented on behalf of himself and Capcom. After announcing the handheld title he proceeded to pull a Vita out of his pocket and demonstrate the game. An over the shoulder camera angle was used during live television and internet coverage which allowed for the viewer to see the screen and his hands playing the game. Afterward he made a point to mention that it’s already up and running on Vita which he clearly demonstrated moments earlier.

Gameplay looked to take advantage of PS Vita’s touch screen capabilities which may be similar to how Street Fighter is handled on the Nintendo 3DS wherein the more complex moves are available in shortcut form via the touch screen.

In other SF X Tekken news, an exclusive character was revealed specific to Sony platform versions (Vita and PS3). Cole MacGrath, the main character from the inFAMOUS franchise, will be a playable character. Seems like a strange fit but then again there’s a bunch of unique characters in both fighting series and it usually comes down to the balance between all the available characters.

Street Fighter X Tekken is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 in 2012 and details will come soon regarding a Vita release window.

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