Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Flying simulated planes has been a gamer tradition dating back to early PC gaming. I’m sure a few of you have even purchased intricate and pricey flight sticks to compliment the experience. Console flight sims never seemed to have the same appeal and I try diligently each generation to regain the former feeling of glory I felt playing a flight sim.

Of course flight “sim” and console gaming don’t really go hand in hand (or should I say wing in wing). Console flight games have been more associated with combat or as it’s more commonly known, dog fighting. Games like Ace Combat and Crimson Skies. Ace Combat being more slanted towards the simulation side of console flying.

Fast forward to E3 2011 and we get a chance to see Namco Bandai’s latest trailer featuring their new Ace Combat title. Ace Combat Assault Horizon seems to add a few new elements to the franchise judging from the trailer you’re about to watch. See if you can catch them.

With Starhawk coming soon and this new Ace Combat title I may just be spending most of my evenings in flight. See you in the skies!

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