Need For Speed: The Run Trailer

You are in the middle of a race and you need to get from San Francisco to New York by any means necessary. And from The Run’s first trailer it’s clear that this title will offer you options not previously available in past Need For Speed titles. You can crash your car, leap out, wait for the police to go looking for you, jump into their vehicle, and take off again. The trailer highlights your hijinks in Chicago as you avoid a police helicopter, first behind the wheel and eventually on foot, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. These are not the helicopters of past NFS games that simply wanted to stop your vehicle with smoking canisters; these helicopters are strapped with machine guns. Also, the fact that you actually see your character’s face and they have dialog suggests that there might be a strong narrative to The Run, but that isn’t completely clear in the trailer. NFS The Run looks to use various key environments as distinct set pieces. The trailer ends with a preview for the next trailer set in Colorado during an avalanche. NFS The Run is scheduled for a November 15th 2011 release date in North America.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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