Twisted Metal “Revenge” Trailer

When I first saw the original trailer for Twisted Metal Black and Sweet Tooth transformed into a mech on wheels, I was amazed, as I’m sure were many Twisted Metal fans. However, the latest Twisted Metal trailer proves that “baby you just ain’t seen nothing yet,” to quote Bachman Turner Overdrive. Not only has Sweet Tooth gone back to his mech-like ways, but now he can fly, as Sweet Bot, in addition to stomping across the battlefield. The “Revenge” trailer highlights the single player story end of Twisted Metal. Sweet Tooth monologs about how “she was the one that got away” and eventually asks Calypso to take him to “her.”  Cut to Dollface, the object of Sweet Tooths anguish, apparently these two have some history that has never been explored in past games. Not one to be left out of the mech party Dollface, after getting blown off a cliff by Sweet Bot, returns as the boss Iron Maiden. This metallic beauty is easily the largest Twisted Metal boss ever, even bigger than Tower Tooth from TM: Head-On. Unfortunately, the trailer ends just as Sweet Bot is about to take on Iron Maiden.  But you won’t have to wait too long to find out how this battle ends as the ice cream man cometh October 4th.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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