Awesomenau​ts = Awesomesauce?

At E3 2011, dtp entertainment AG and Ronimo Games unveiled the first trailer and gameplay details for the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Awesomenauts.

Combining the gameplay of classic 2D platforming titles with that of modern, fast-paced MOBA games, Awesomenauts allows up to six players to battle across multiple alien worlds including up to three players on the same couch. Featuring a playable roster of unique heroes, Awesomenauts brings ferocious teamplay and angry, lightsaber-wielding aliens together.

The game is apparently inspired by classic, Saturday morning cartoons from the 80’s and it’s more than apparent when you see these screen shots.

Look for more updates on Awesomenauts very soon specifically impressions from the E3 2011 show floor. The game is due to release on the PlayStation Network later this year.

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  • Anonymous

    You forgot the ™.  It should be Awesomesauce™.  I’m calling my lawyer.

    • Crap. I’ll call mine proactively expecting a call from yours.

      Seriously though, and a big shout out to Scott from Welcome to the Goo (Gamers Only Older), my inspiration for using “awesomesause” came directly from his usage of the same word. Kept coming into mind when writing the article so I ran with it.