Dragon’s Crown Brings Hand-Drawn Visuals To Next Level

I read the description for Dragon’s Crown before watching the trailer. I was pretty excited because it sounded like another candidate for a dungeon-hacking game on the PS3. Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale left something to be desired, and Dungeon Siege’s demo didn’t impress me much. So I was left with a heavy sigh of, “What’s next for us?” Ruin looks great on the PS3 and PS Vita, but the more the merrier. After all, the other genres get multiple games to choose from.

So when I finally got around to watching the trailer, I was so glad to be right, but mostly wrong. This wasn’t a dungeon hacker in the traditional sense. This was a gorgeous 2D Co-op action adventure game with amazing hand-drawn graphics and animation. Remember Odin’s Sphere for PS2, and how amazing that game looked in motion? Well, now imagine that same beauty in HD, running on your PS3, and add to that co-op for up to four players, six classes to choose from, and loot for all.

Now watch the trailer and see those elements in action. UTV Ignition Games promises PS3 and PSVita integration, but did not divulge any specifics at this point. Dragon’s Crown is slated for release Spring of next year.

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