Sega’s Anarchy Reigns trailer is all splatter and no heart

I don’t own a Nintendo Wii. I do, however, own a single Wii game. Platinum Games MadWorld. Even though he’s the only Wii game in a heavy collection of Playstation and XBOX titles no one else in the collector’s bin tries to push the lone Wii game around.


Because MadWorld’s an unforgiving, rotten c*nt of a game. MadWorld’s got a temper. He’s black, white, and very, very red all over. If there’s another way to tear a human being apart or grind them down to liquid I’m positive it’s in MadWorld somewhere – you just haven’t experimented enough.

So it pleases this fan to no end that Sega and Platinum Games are bringing the spiritual successor to MadWorld – Anarchy Reigns – to the Playstation 3 next January.

Anarchy Reigns is pretty much a beat-em-up – though I’m betting the term “beat-em-up” only touches the extreme boundaries of what we’ll eventually be capable of when this game is finally released. Platinum’s bringing back Jack Cayman – MadWorld’s original master killer – this time with a dual chainsaw blade arm. Blacker Baron and Big Bull are also returning from the MadWorld roster.

Sega’s leaning more on an expansive multi-player experience for this next brutal journey into the mad world of MadWorld. Tag-team matches. Four player Battle Royales. (with cheese???) Along with a single player cam-pain Anarchy’s all about throwing the quickest, ugliest, meanest killers into a blender together and getting drunk on the results.

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