Super StarDust Delta Trailer

One of the fundamental criticisms of the PSP was the lack of dual analog sticks. This especially hurt titles that originated on PSN and utilized dual sticks, but then released a PSP version. The original Super StarDust HD and subsequent PSP version, Super StarDust Portable, were the poster children for this unfortunate situation. Thankfully the PlayStation Vita has dual analog sticks and a Super StarDust title in the works. The trailer for Super StartDust Delta shows off many of the features that we highlighted when the game was originally revealed (e.g., powered up weapons, shaking the Vita for a Shockwave). A new feature demonstrated in the trailer is the ability to destroy asteroids by using the touch pad. In the end no amount of words can describe the StarDust experience. Watch the trailer and limber up your thumbs in anticipation.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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  • Anonymous

    Day one.

    • Day one indeed.  What we played at E3 (and what shown in the trailer) is still Pre-Alpha if you can believe that.  This is gonna blow SSHD.out of the water.

      • This could be a reason to buy the Vita just by itself. Looks AMAZING!

  • looks tight as hell!! 

  • Anonymous

    So many great games coming to this portable system, Stardust being one of them. Can’t wait.

  • So is this going to be the big have to get PSN title for PS Vita or is it going to be pushed up to a full retail release?  Also any speculation to prices?  At least one title is listing a $29.99 retail price on Amazon. (Dragon’s Crown)

  • Anonymous

    Save your effing pennies! This ride is going to be tight!