It’s a Downpour of Silent Hill Announcements

E3 is taking a turn for the dark and grisly with the most recent news and screen shots of Konami’s promising addition(s) to the Silent Hill series.  Scheduled for release across multiple platforms during Q4, Silent Hill Downpour places you into the unfortunate shoes of convicted criminal Murphy Pendelton who finds himself wandering the desolate streets of Silent Hill after his prisoner transport bus crashes at the edge of town.  Freedom may very well be on the other side but you’re gonna have to first navigate through the terrors that Silent Hill fans have come to know and love.  Are you up for it?  Can you handle the nightmare like a true gamer or are you gonna go runnin’ of to momma as soon as things turn ugly?

Here’s just a taste of the madness you can expect later this year:

In addition to these beautiful screen shots Konami has also confirmed that PlayStation 3 owners can enter a whole new level of terror when Silent Hill Downpour is released in full 3D.  Add to this an all original track by the band Korn and you’ve got yourself a recipe for what I’m hoping will be the next great thing in survival horror.

Still not feeling a chill down your spine?  Hmm, you’re a tough nut to crack.  How about the additional announcements that Konami will also be releasing the Silent Hill Collection HD for PlayStation 3 owners –  inclusive of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 – both completely enhanced with high-definition graphics, all-new voice talent and the added benefit of PlayStation 3 Trophies.

Happy yet?  Excited?  Not yet, you say?

OK, fine then.  If you still crave more maybe this will satiate your need for grisly carnage.  In addition to all that you’ve just read Konami has also revealed that Silent Hill: Book of Memories has been confirmed for the PlayStation Vita and will be the first Silent Hill game from the franchise to include multiplayer.  Linking events from the past and present you’ll be able to work with a friend as you struggle to fight your way out of Silent Hill – hopefully with both mind and body fully intact.

If you’re a fan of survival horror and these announcements don’t float-your-boat or trip-your-trigger then I hate to say it, you’re already dead.

Written by Bill Braun

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