Mad Catz: FPS Gamepad

Sure, E3 might be all about the hardware and software of the industry but what about showing some love to those peripheral add-ons?  I’m not talking about the molded plastic to fit onto the end of your Wii-mote or Move controller.  No, I’m talking about those extras that make the claim to take your gaming to the next level.  Whether that’s a new level of immersion through the latest and greatest 7.1 headphones or Sony’s sharpshooting extravaganza.

Mad Catz is no stranger to E3 and this year their entry is taking aim at a little genre called the First Person Shooter.  From what I understand First Person Shooters have been slowly, but steadily, gaining in popularity.  Something about the fast pace of the single player campaign and the intense online multiplayer has been giving titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 a slight edge over games that primarily involve the Kinect.  For the life of me I just can’t understand why.  Can someone explain it to me please?

Anyway, Mad Catz is putting their best foot forward and delivering the F.P.S. Pro Gamepad.  Shipping in time for Holiday 2011 the F.P.S. Pro Gamepad is touted as being specifically designed for fans of the First Person Shooter.  Covering both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 these controllers will be available both wired and wireless in 3 different colors: Stealth Black, Army Green and SWAT Blue.  But what makes this controller any different than the Dualshock 3?  What makes it any better?  Mad Catz’s claim to fame this time around is in their “unique rear Combat Buttons” and on-the-fly button mapping.  In addition to the various colors and giant triggers you can expect the following features:

  • Ergonomic non-slip grips
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Immersive backlit analog stick modules with 3 adjustable LED colors: Blue, Purple and Red
  • Lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless signal

Take a gander and let us know what your thoughts are.  Will these babys really give you the upper hand when Battlefield 3 releases this year?

Written by Bill Braun

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