Star Trek: Info, Screenshots, and Demo Recap

Allow me to make a confession; I was never a Star Trek guy. For me it was always too slow paced and plodding, especially once I saw Star Wars. I wanted space battles, not lengthy monologs. Imagine my surprise when I decided to give J.J. Abram’s reimagining of the film franchise a look and really enjoyed myself. Fans of Abram’s Star Trek are the target audience for this new Star Trek game. The developer Digital Extremes is working closely with the filmmaking team from Bad Robot, especially the writing team, who are collaborating with Marianne Krawcyzk, who wrote a little game called God of War. Players are put in the space boots of Kirk or Spock, with a strong emphasis on co-op play, and must work together to accomplish numerous tasks. The demo follows Kirk and Spock, as they reboard the Enterprise while it’s under attack. First the duo must navigate a field of mines to reach their flagship. After succumbing to a trap Kirk is critically injured and as Spock drags him to the Med Bay Kirk provides covering fire. Kirk and Spock continue to work hand in glove as Spock removes deadly parasites from Kirk’s body, while Kirk has to shoot enemies as they attempt to interrupt Spock’s procedure. Based on the information you gathered as you explored the Enterprise this medical sequence can be very easy, assuming you scanned other victims and know what you are facing, or more difficult, if you ran head long into the trap and ignored your fellow crew members. Stark Trek won’t be released until sometime next year, but if Digital Extremes is able to maintain the demo’s high production values, varied gameplay, and asymmetric, interesting co-op this will be one to watch.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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