BioShock Infinite: About Sky-Lines

Irrational Games has released a couple of post-E3 screens along with an interview featuring Ken Levine.  In the video, he discusses the origins and usage of the sky-lines built in and around Columbia.

The new screens show off some of what was seen in the E3 Trailer and demo of the game.  Glenn and I got to sit in on the demo at the 2K booth on the last day of E3 and we gave some impressions during the live show at the end of the week.  Another interesting development occurred during the Sony Press Event when Ken Levine was brought out to the stage.  While he didn’t have any new footage to show off, he did say that Sony turned him around on motion gaming and that BioShock Infinite would make use of the PlayStation Move controller in some form or another.  This just a few short months after blasting Move and Kinect as useless and unnecessary.  The next bombshell came seconds later when he revealed that Irrational Games would be developing a title for the new PlayStation Vite set in the BioShock universe.  Huge news indeed!

What we saw behind closed doors was a very solid looking build of the game with gorgeous lighting and textures.  The demo showed a lot of combat taking place around and on the sky-lines.  We got to see some more story elements come into play and a bit of the relationship between your character, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth along with some of the strained relationship between Elizabeth and the Songbird.

After years of strife in Columbia, there are a number of tears in the fabric of space-time that you can see hints of.  Elizabeth can apparently manipulate them to some degree but she doesn’t have total control over it.  It’s going to make for some very interesting gameplay as you’ll see in the coming months as more information gets released.  One thing that concerned me was the sheer number of paths you could take while on the sky-lines and how you’d be able to keep track of where each might lead.  This is something we’ll learn more about in time, whether there’s a map or you just have to learn your way, we’ll see.  Either way, the game is shaping up to be another incredible BioShock experience.

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  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed the first game a lot, the wife even started watching me play as the story was so good. Different weapon and plasmid combos were great and added so much to the game. I am looking forward to this game and I hope that it lives up to the first.

  • I am pre-ordering this game so hard