Sodium 2: Project Velocity Blurs Its Way Into Home

Starting tomorrow, June 16th, fans of the Home-based tank shooter (Sodium 1) can once again find reason to venture into the seedy corners of Home in order to race their high-speed hovercrafts in Sodium 2: Project Velocity.  The sequel is very reminiscent of Wipeout, (which is not a bad thing) and will be free to play.

Considering the way this was approached with Sodium 1, it can be assumed that players will be able to play certain areas for free, but if you really want to dive deeper into the features of the game, you will probably need to purchase something to continue (for Sodium 1 it was a suit for your character).  This isn’t confirmed, rather a speculation.

Even if this is the case, Sodium 1 was a fun little distraction within the Home community, and it handled and played very well, especially considering that it wasn’t a retail title.  It was also pretty inexpensive to hop onto the full game.  PlayStation Home game developer Lockwood Publishing has experience developing within the Home architecture, and hopefully this new title will give folks more reason to jump into the online social comminuty between their full game sessions.

Check out the trailer below.

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