Zen Pinball’s Awesome New Deal

Have you been missing out on one of the world’s best digital pinball series?   Are you a fan of Marvel comics?  Then have we got a deal to share with you.

From June 21 to June 28, PSN users in North American who buy Marvel Pinball will also receive Zen Pinball for gratis (That’s Spanish for gratis*).  So for the price of one amazing Marvel table ($9.99), you get 8 amazing tables.  If you’ve been on the fence about Zen Pinball and all of the awesomeness it provides, this is a good opportunity to hop onboard.

*gratis means “free”.

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  • Anonymous

    Translator’s note: “free” means “huzzah”.

  • “In north America” means “ah Shi%” 🙁

  • Yeah I saw this deal, it is definitely worth it. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of both games already. My only grip and it is minor is that I wish they would have combined or linked both games so I wouldn’t have to quit Marvel Pinball to go to Zen Pinball if I want to play Ironman and then Tesla.

    • That would have been nice but it’s probably a licensing thing with Marvel.

      • Sweet deal nonetheless. Didn’t realize there were so many other tables on Zen Pinball you could get as DLC might have to get the Mars table.

  • Anonymous

    More then meets the (Eric Idol) eye!