It’s Slyday, Slyday.

I am in current talks with Rebecca Black in an attempt to convince her to rewrite her amazing song and include Sly Cooper in there somewhere.  Slyday.

The inspiration for this came from these little screenshots that came down the pipe this morning.  Based on the footage we saw during E3, these screenshots showcase the beauty that updating this series to PS3 brings.  Check them out.

And then there is beautiful piece of artwork.

We will make it our duty to update you with anything Sly.  And whatever day this falls on will be known as Slyday.

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  • Anonymous

    Makes me want to drop everything I’m doing and drop in my copy of the Sly Collection.

  • Anonymous

    No need to continue those talks Slyday for us, PLEASE!  Anyway I’m really excited for this game.  I’ve been a huge fan of the series.  I’m really digging the art style.  I liked how they mentioned that they are bring the clue bottles back.  I can just see myself going crazy with the Josh syndrome listing to the clinking sound looking for those things.

  • I just got the Sly Collection and added it to my backlog the series but have always been too busy to sit down and play them. I’ll be sure to complete the collection before Slyday has arrived.