Just A Little Reminder for PlayStation Plus Users

It’s been a great year for PlayStation Plus members.  The first few months left us wondering if it was worth it, but soon after things kicked into high gear, and we were reaping the benefits of this service.

With the end of the first year soon approaching, we wanted to remind our readers of something, so that you don’t experience a potential problem later.

While PSNation as a whole values the services provided by the Plus membership, it is important to note that Plus is a subscription, and when your year is up, your subscription might auto-renew.  This means that you may potentially be charged without even knowing.  I will personally resubscribe to Plus, but I would like to do it on my own terms.

So if you are a member and want to verify that you will not be automatically charged when your year (or 3 months) is up, go to Account Management on the XMB, then go to Services.  Scroll down until you find PlayStation Plus (the little yellow Plus icon).  Click on it, and on the bottom of the following screen you will see the option to turn off Automatic Renewal.  Turn it on or off, depending on your preference, and you are good to go.

We just thought it would be a nice precaution to mention this, because we know that a 50 dollar unexpected charge is never a good thing, and getting a refund for digital content can be a chore.

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  • I don’t have a credit card attached to my account anymore. Why? Because I get store discounts on PSN cards. So this will be a bit more difficult for me to deal with than others.

  • Anonymous

    Great Article Rey!  Also an important reminder to make sure that you do renew if you want to if you don’t have it set up for automatic renewal.  I can’t remember what they said would happen to the stuff that you downloaded if you let your subscription laps then renewed it.

    I think it is a great service and has definitely replaced live it my online pecking order.

    • Anonymous

      Plus downloads stay on your hard drive (and in your download history), if you click them a notice pops up saying you have to renew your plus membership to play it. 

      It all becomes expired content unless it was a discounted product, thats your forever.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip Rey. Also, you did a little typo in the second to last paragraph.

    • Fixed.  Thanks, bud!

      • Anonymous

        You’re welcome

  • Thanks for the PSA, Rey.

    As I enjoy the PS+ early access to the Uncharted 3 beta, I reflect on a year that has seen a great return on my $50 investment.

    For those still on the fence, take a look at this IGN Year In Review of the PS Plus value proposition.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the reminder, I checked and for me I got the 3 free months when I signed up and the 3 months for the PSN outage so I’m not due until the end of the year.  I’ll definitely renew, but I think I remember that you couldn’t use PSN cards for PSN+ is that still true?