Legend of Robot: Trailer

European gamers often don’t have it easy. In addition to higher game and hardware prices they can end up with release windows that are six months behind the U.S. (e.g., Demon’s Souls) or simply not get certain games at all. However, European PSN fans have a reason to rejoice, for once they are getting an interesting title, in this case Legend of Robot, before their North American brethren. It seems appropriate, as Legend is the first product of the Gamocracy project, which allows members of the European PlayStation community to help with designing the game, in association with Bearded Ladies Consulting, by submitting ideas on nearly every aspect of the title. As the trailer above demonstrates Legend of Robotrepresents a melting pot of level, character, and game mechanic designs from all over Europe.

Legend of Robot puts players in the role of H7, an alien-robot drone that instead of going along with his “enslave mankind” programming has a bug in his circuits and decides to rebel against his alien masters. Based on the trailer as H7 you will have a variety of abilities including using your head as a platform to jump on, firing a laser gun to take down enemies, and swinging on platforms Bionic Commando-style. Overall, the quirky gameplay in the trailer reminds me of Alien Hominid with a little more platforming variety.

Legend of Robot is scheduled to release on the European PSN store on July 13 as a PlayStation mini for 2.99 Euros. An official release date and pricing for the North American PSN store has not been revealed, but its arrival in the North American PSN store is a “few more weeks” away.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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