The Best of 2011 . . . So Far (Part 2)

It seems like just yesterday we were debating which game of the first quarter of 2011 was the best.  Here we are, at the start of the 2nd quarter, and the list of possibilities continues to impress.

First and foremost, I wanted to recap how things turned out with the results from the January to March  list.  Not surprisingly, with just over 36% of the votes, Killzone 3 took an early and commanding lead and never looked back.  With it’s epic single player campaign and incredible multiplayer attractions Killzone 3 not only took the top spot for first quarter 2011, it just might go all the way to being the best game of the year.

Coming in 2nd place with not quite half the number of votes Killzone 3 received, Mass Effect 2 showed an impressive debut to the PlayStation 3 library of entertaining videogames.  Based on these results I think it’s safe to say that the PlayStation “masses” (get it? see what I did there?) were starving for some Commander Shepard.

Rounding off the top 3 is Little Big Planet 2.  I’ll be honest with you, this was a bit of a (pleasant) surprise.  Yes, the first Little Big Planet was an incredible game with some outstanding creative properties.  Yes, the follow up was hyped to be even bigger and better in every way.  But, looking at the rest of the list I thought for sure we would have been seeing a different title make this top 3 list.

But that was so 3 months ago and, if you’re anything like me, there have been a good number of new and shiny things to distract you that have put a strain on your gaming shelf real estate.

So, let’s get to it.  Give a shout out to the game that tooted your horn the loudest between April and June.  As usual, if your title to beat isn’t on this list, tell us what it is.  On a personal note, I want to thank you all for your support and involvement in the last “best of” poll and challenge you all for an even greater turn out.  Tell your friends, family and neighbors.  Show us how much you love videogames!

Written by Bill Braun

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