Green Lantern Corps Comes To DC Universe Online

When I first launched the DC Universe Online game, I immediately looked to create a Green Lantern-inspired character, seeing as how the game’s early trailers showed players flying around with the power of the ring and sporting Lantern Corps uniforms.  Unfortunately, the option to create one was nowhere to be seen.

Well, it seems like they held off the release of this content for a time when Hal Jordan would be fresh in everyone’s mind. And that time is now.

Coming this summer for $9.99, the Lantern Corps DLC pack will not only open up the game’s seventh power set of “Light”, but it will also give players new scenarios to test out their new powers and Lantern characters on.

The new content includes:

S.T.A.R. Labs – Deep within S.T.A.R Labs, Brainiac seeks to control experimental devices that will allow him to harness the power source behind the Lantern Corps’ rings. This attack throws the Lantern Corps into chaos, and players must join a fragile truce between the Green and Yellow Lantern Corps to bring the powerful devices back under S.T.A.R. Labs’ control.

Coast City – Players must battle their way through the “City Without Fear” to Ferris Aircraft, the home of fighter ace Hal Jordan. Here they face the unbridled rage of the Red Lantern Corps in a showdown to save the city and the Universe.

Sciencells Prison – On the Green Lantern Corps’ home planet Oa, heroes will join with Guy Gardner to stop a prison break that threatens to release the most feared prisoners of the Green Lantern Corps. Villains will fight alongside Sinestro as he attempts to release the Green Lantern Corps’ greatest foes and retrieve the evil Lyssa Drak from her emerald powered prison cell.

This last mission has me green with envy, pun absolutely intended.  The Green Lantern Corps DLC has been anticipated by fans of DC Universe Online for some time now, and while Sony Online Entertainment has kept a healthy dose of content coming for their comic book-themed MMOR, this new entry will definitely bring some joy to DC and Green Lantern fans combined.

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