Warlords Tutorial Video Promises Hilarity And Classic Fun

As a child of the 80s, I appreciate the evolution video games have made over the last two and a half decades. While a lot of games have withstood the test of time and manage to remain fun even now, some of them were simply fun at the time because we didn’t know any better.

This was not the case with the old Atari 2600 game, Warlords. Warlords took the paddle gaming genre of Pong and added castle walls and a tower/king to the mix. So, you were no longer keeping a little colored block from getting passed you; you were now tasked with defending your castle walls from a little colored block that could destroy your very kingdom should you fail.

Not only did this gameplay mechanic add an updated level of enjoyment to the paddle genre (was it a genre?), but it also threw us an awesome curve ball of added four-player support. So you could potentially face enemies on three fronts. This made for awesome evenings of teaming up against a friend’s castle, only to turn on each other when our common enemy was destroyed.

Atari is looking to bring back the charm of Warlords this Summer. Unlike their previous revival (Yar’s Revenge), this video looks like it’s an actual update to the classic game, as opposed to “not at all.”

You still defend your walls with a giant shield (a more literal representation of your old 2600-Warlord self), but now you get Snoots (little expendable soldiers) to help in your conquest. It looks like the battles get pretty heated, which can only mean great times.

Check out the tutorial video below for some gameplay footage and insight into the upcoming classic update.

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