SNK Releases More Classics To The PlayStation Store (Updated)

Back in December of 2010, SNK released what many PlayStation 3 owners had been anticipating since the words NEO GEO appeared as a folder name after an update to their PSPs: 10 NEOGEO arcade classics, playable on PS3 and PSP. Once again, my television rang to the sound of clashing blades and the telltale “IPPON!” of Samurai Showdown.

Starting today, you can add two more titles to your collection, as The King Of Fighters ’95 and Baseball Stars 2 join the list of titles released exclusively to the PlayStation platforms. That is, these titles will also be playable on the PSP (however it will require a separate purchase).

The legendary “SNK Dream Versus Battle” is back with this 2nd installment full of improvements! KOF’95 is the start of the “Orochi Saga,” a new story in which Kyo Kusanagi is the main protagonist. His sworn enemy, Iori Yagami, appears for the first time, so charismatic and stylish that he could overshadow Kyo Kusanagi!

This sports game recreates a powerful arcade-style baseball with over-the-top animations like bench-clearing brawls. With its “Auto Operation Mode” for beginners, magic “Power Bat Mode”, and the “Special Players” introduced by the team’s owner, BASEBALL STARS 2 is full of exciting moments.

It’s a little disappointing that you have to purchase two copies in order to play it on PS3 and PSP, (especially considering that PS1 titles are playable on both with one purchase), but if you’re like me, I simply buy these titles on PS3, since you can find the SNK collection on PSP for relatively cheap.

Look for these two titles today, with the PS3 versions running you $8.99 and the PSP versions coming in at $6.99


But that’s not all.  Along with the news of these two NEOGEO releases, SNK has also announced a new collection of PlayStation minis (also playable on PS3 and PSP, with the exception that these titles only require one purchase to play on both systems).

Eight titles will be released today in this new set of SNK classics:

Ozma Wars, Sasuke vs Commander, Vanguard, Marvin’s Maze, Hal 21, Athena, Ikari Warriors (yay!), and Guerrilla War (which will be available for free to PlayStation Plus members).   Each title will be priced at $2.99 and will be available today, along with the two NEOGEO classics shown above.

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