PS PLUS Members: Free Golden Axe Game Is Arcade Version

While this might not fall under news, we like to keep our community informed on little things like these.

If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you have no doubt seen Sega’s new addition to the PlayStation Store in the form of the Sega Classic: Golden Axe.  While the last few titles that Sega has released to Plus members have been Sega Genesis titles (Sonic, Streets of Rage 2), Golden Axe is actually the arcade version.

We felt it warranted mentioning this, as some people end up skipping some of these freebies because they already own the titles in the Sonic Genesis Collection disc for PS3.  But, the only arcades (unlockable) in the Genesis Collection are Space Harrier and Altered Beast (along with some older games).  So this is the only way to get the actual Golden Axe arcade game on the PS3 (and it’s free to Plus members).  Previously, the actual arcade game was only released on the 360.

For Sega fans, the difference between the arcade and Genesis version is almost as evident as that of night and day.  For those who aren’t as familiar with the title, there are some graphical differences, as well as better animations in characters, enemies, and the beasts (an obvious one is seen when making the sting-tail chicken creature jump in the air).  There are some better sound samples, and when your characters cast spells, some of the spells employ old Mode-7 (scaling) to give the illusion that the summoned spells are coming towards the screen (the Genesis version would simply redraw the images).

Grab this arcade game while it’s still available for free.

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