Battlefield 3 dev responds to console criticism

Karl Magnus Troedsson, VP of DICE, has said PS3 gamers “shouldn’t worry” about the visuals in Battlefield 3.

There has been some heavy criticism from raging internet fanboys highly informed gaming experts, regarding the fact that the shooter will only run at 30fps and 720p.

There was also the news that Modern Warfare 3 “will be locked at 60fps”, which got FPS-addicted teenagers frothing at the mouth with excitement intensified the rivalry between these two giants of the genre.

At this year’s E3, Battlefield seemed to be the runaway winner after impressing with the PC version, while Infinity Ward’s offering looked all too familiar. However, the field has leveled a bit since as gamers began to realize while EA can afford multiple $10,000 PC’s, they can’t.

With only a couple more months until release, we’ll soon be jumping for joy as we all carefully study every minute detail on screen to make our own conclusion on the FPS king of 2011.

Here are the quotes from DICE and while you read them, I’ll try my best not to think too much about these innovative and original titles in a completely non-saturated genre that nobody is fed up with:

“Console gamers shouldn’t worry about this, this topic is discussed out of proportions.

For those tech-savvy enough to have looked into the actual resolution of their console games it won’t come as a surprise that a lot of console games today do not run at 1080p but rather 720p. We’ve done this for our last games and we believe it can still look amazing. When people ask for 1080p they don’t see the compromises that would be needed to get there.

As for the frame-rate we’ve made a conscious decision to stick with 30 FPS on console. It’s not a technical problem with getting our game to run in 60 FPS but we do this in favour of the large amount of players, large scale maps, huge amount of vehicles, full on destruction and so on. The pace in Battlefield is slightly slower than some other twitchy shooters of today which lends itself well to this frame-rate.”

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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