EU Vita release date revealed?

It looks as though the European launch date of PS Vita may be before Christmas, if a flyer from Blockbuster is to be believed.

The leaflet, yet to be officially sent out by the company, reached IGN who went big on reporting the outed date. It listed a 28th October release for the Vita, sparking speculation in the UK games media.

Previously, Sony had said that it would be in at least one region before the turn of the year and with Japan still recovering from the disasters earlier this year, this unintentional leak could be correct.

If true, added to the 3DS price drop, the possibility of an iPod touch 5 and of course the slew of tablets to be released, this holiday season could be very interesting to see which portable gadget comes out on top.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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  • I can see it before November. And certainly before Black Friday in the States. Just hope the 3DS isn’t a sign of things to come for gaming only handhelds.

  • Anonymous

    Any gamer with a head will go with the Vita due to its promising features and how games will work on it, not to mention the ability to play select PS3 games on it. The Vita will be the best value in entertainment, hands down.

  • Anonymous

    Damn happy if this is true.

  • God I hope that date is right, I want a Vita SOOO bad!!

  • Clin_Diesel

    take my money already sony.hope this is true!

  • Anonymous

    Every sign points to an October release, however since the Japan disaster it’s release might be forced into a February time frame. I would prefer a worldwide release in October with less units on day one, at least they can sway the press into a ‘sell out christmas product’ and increase demand.

    Plus, that way there would be a chance of getting one!