Resi HD remakes given price

Resident Evil developer Capcom has announced the prices of their upcoming HD remakes.

Both RE 4 and RE Code Veronica are set for a release on the PSN next month and have been priced at a somewhat hefty $19.99 / £15.99 each.

RE 4 is widely regarded as one of the best titles of last-gen consoles, and has already had a remake on the Wii. While RE 4 scored insanely well with critics (has an average of 96 on metacritic), spin-off Code Veronica was still a solid rather than spectacular game.

September 20th is the date in your diary for RE 4, with Code Veronica available a week later.

Written by Raj Mahil

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  • Scruffy

    I played through Resident Evil 4 on PS2.  Really enjoyed it.  Booted up Resident Evil 5 and man the slow tank like movement plus the fact I couldn’t run and shoot really turned me off.  That’s probably why I won’t replay this in HD after I’ve played so many modern third person shooters RE4 is probably just gonna feel really dated like RE5.

  • Hey Raj I live in Ireland so I was wondering in your posts with prices in them could you put in euro amounts as well

    • Raj S.M.

      sure thing man 🙂 on the ps store updates i post, everything is in euros & pounds, but yeah see what you mean about my general posts, should have both currencies.