New Rage Images Move Us Towards The Weekend

It might be a pretty slow news week, but what cannot be told with words can be compensated for with beautiful images.  I mean, after all, we view video games more than we read them.  And Rage is quite a looker.  Check out these 5 new screen shots, including a gorgeous view of the driving areas in the game.

Sure, there are plenty of videos of the game out there now, what with the release date looming ever closer.  But being able to appreciate the attention to detail that has been put into this game can be better appreciated with screen grabs.

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  • Raj S.M.

    looks good but i can see this one drop to about half price after a couple weeks. way too many fps’ atm and for most “casual” players it’ll be cod or battlefield. i think the majority of “hardcore” gamers are wanting something different right now, there’s a lack of variety.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know about half price in a few weeks Raj. This is iD we are talking about and regardless of whether you are talking “casual” FPS players or not that name still carries weight.

      Quick Aside: The guy in the second pic has moose antlers on his back. That’s an interesting fashion choice. Bet he doesn’t get many rides “Dude take off the antlers! You are tearing the crap out of my upholstery. Geez.”

      • Raj S.M.

        i don’t think the average 12 year-old ‘n00b pwnr’ or whatever theyre called will know who iD are.

        maybe its different in the states, but let me give you a few exmples of shooters this year that have dropped to around £20 after only 2/3 weeks: killzone 3 (!), duke, homefront, bulletstorm, brink, red river, sniper, crysis 2 (!), socom, red faction, mindjack (which is now less than £2 at most stores).

        yes, some of those are just plain bad games, but some are quality titles that just dont get a look-in. black ops still sells pretty well at full price, absolutely no need for retailers to drop the price. even mw, mw2, waw sell for around £15-20 still.

        • Anonymous

          I agree that this last year I’ve seen some incredible deals on some amazing games after just 3-4 weeks.  Because of this trend I have become much more of a bargain shopper and try like hell to hold off on buying anything day 1.  But this game has got me so jazzed I’m not sure that’ll be a possibility.  As Bill Cosby once said during his famous stand up video – Mine, Mine Mine!