EA ‘Entertainment Pack’ lands later this month

SCEA have announced a new bundle for the soon-to-be-redundant PlayStation Portable.

The pack, which will retail for $159.99, includes a PSP-3000, a 2GB memory card, Madden NFL 12 and… a two year-old racing game. Yes, Need For Speed: Shift will be in the package, but I guess we can’t be too hard on EA as technically it is the latest NFS game on the platform, after they elected to not release ‘Hot Pursuit‘, ‘Shift 2‘ or ‘The Run‘.

Out on August 30th, it’ll launch day and date alongside the standalone version of Madden. With the PS Vita to launch in only a few months time, this’ll be one of the last opportunities for Sony to shift (sorry, couldn’t resist!) some units.

Personally, I think this could sell quite well at Christmas, with parents looking to buy their kids a console with sports and racing games at a reasonable price. In Europe, I could definitely see a similar package but with FIFA.

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  • Anonymous

    This just seems very much out of place since all eyes are on the Vita.

    • Raj S.M.

      it will sell though – people who aren’t “in the know” will pick it up for their kids as it seems a reasonable price for a pack where they won’t have to buy anything else on top.

      obviously most of us won’t go near this – wait a few months and you can get a vita for another $70, its a no brainer. this is purely made for the casual market.

  • Anonymous

    Only a 2GB card. I have the highest card that you can get, the 16GB. I have heard of 32GB, but you had to have a CFW.