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Monday 8th:

  • In South Africa, a man was arrested for possession of jailbreak USB sticks for the PS3. He also was found to have pirate copies of games, confiscated PlayStation hardware and numerous HDD’s.
  • UK PS3 users had a nice surprise when the BBC relaunched the iPlayer app for the console. Content can now finally be streamed in HD.
  • Talking about his new game Rage, John Carmack took time out to criticise home consoles, mostly complaining about the memory available but also threw the “10x less powerful than PC” graphics into the mix for good measure.
  • According to various reports that surfaced online, L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi could be declared bankrupt very soon.
  • Following on from the Twisted Metal delay, David Jaffe said he has to assure the best game possible is made so we can get value for money because, in his own words, “60 bucks is a s**t ton to ask for”.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution had to have an “unspecified sexual object” removed from the Japanese version of the game.
  • Sony San Diego have asked gamers for their ideas on what to name Modnation Racers Vita. The developer wants people to drop a comment on the PS Blog, where they will then review submissions.

Tuesday 9th:

  • Amazon France listed Marvel Vs Capcom 3 for Vita, before pulling the page down after a few hours. Street Fighter X Tekken was revealed for the handheld at E3 so will Capcom really be launching two fighters soon after launch? Probably, if past exploits are anything to go by.
  • Take-Two announced a combined total of 15million copies shipped for Red Dead Redemption & L.A. Noire.
  • Strauss Zlenick, CEO of Take-Two told Gamasutra that “despite its disappointing reviews, Duke Nukem Forever was profitable.”
  • DICE revealed Battlefield 3 will have “10x more unlocks than Bad Company 2” and that the multiplayer mode will last for years.
  • EA have used some of their financial muscle by sending a MIG fighter jet to Gamescom, promoting their hope for this holiday season, Battlefield 3.
  • Infinity Ward tried to rain on the Battlefield parade by releasing a trailer for it’s new Spec Ops ‘survival mode’ in MW3 – seen here.

Wednesday 10th:

  • Amazon UK talked of the huge pre-order rises it’s witnessed on this year’s top sequels. Battlefield 3 saw the biggest leap – 2300% more than its predecessor. Other impressive numbers were Uncharted 3 (up 488%), FIFA 12 (up 325%) and Arkham City (up 349%).
  • Speaking of the latest Batman game, it received a ’15’ rating by the BBFC and contains almost 3 hours of cut-scenes.
  • Sticking to ratings, Australia finally got its new ‘R18+’ rating. This means hopefully they won’t suffer the numerous banned titles any more, as they now have a rating equivalent to ‘M’ in North America and ’18’ in Europe.
  • Like it has done for that past two E3‘s, Sony will have Gamescom live streamed in PlayStation Home.
  • Peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz have permission to re-release Rock Band 3 later this year but of course, with it’s own instruments.

Thursday 11th:

  • GAME confirmed to CVG that Modern Warfare 3 will be playable at GameFest, taking place this September in the UK.
  • A number of lawsuits relating to Blu-Ray were dropped by both LG and Sony, in their long and bitter war over the technology.

Friday 12th:

  • July’s game sales in the US were at their lowest in almost 5 years (!). The $708million made was the worst performance since October of 2006. Also, PS3‘s were outsold by the 360 in July, this coming after the disappointing sales figures for Q1. Meanwhile NCAA 12 was the top selling game.
  • PlayStation released an SD vs HD comparison for the new God Of War Origins Collection.

Saturday 13th:

  • Bethesda became the latest victims to hackers after the publisher’s forums were breached.

Sunday 14th:

  • THQ announced a near-complete roster for WWE ’12. There are 14 spots which still say “coming soon”.

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