Borderlands 2 GamesCom Trailer

Borderlands surprised everyone when it showed up in 2009 and blew people away with its tight FPS controls, loot collect-a-thon mechanics, and comic book inspired visual style. Now Borderlands 2 is on the horizon, set to be released next year, and we have the first trailer for the title. Clocking in at a brief 33 seconds the trailer still manages to showoff a few new features. First off we have the main character dual wielding guns, an impossibility in the original Borderlands. This could take the hundreds of thousands of guns available in the first game and double the amount of combinations you can make to become a death-dealing machine. Visually the trailer begins in an icy tundra and transitions to more pastoral environments, both far cries from the dust bowl of Pandora that we are used to. The enemies that are being taken down seem to also span the spectrum from rocky organic beasts to humanoid robots, again expanding on the variety of skags and mercenaries seen previously. While 2012 is still a ways away I have had my adrenal gland tweaked by this latest trailer and you can look forward to future news and updates right here at

Written by Justin Spielmann

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