PlayStation 3 Now $250

Yes friends, the PlayStation 3 (160GB model) is now available for $250. If you’ve been holding out on buying one (which means you’re probably not reading this), or simply looking to buy another one for that man-cave garage, your dream has now becoming a bit more of a reality.

Along with this news, the PS3 (320GB) is now available for $299.

Here is a portion from the presser, to update some of our readers overseas:

“TOKYO, Aug. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) today announced that the PlayStation®3 (PS3®) computer entertainment system with 160GB hard disk drive (HDD), currently available at a recommended retail price (RRP) of 29,980 yen (including tax), $299 and euro 299, will be available at a very attractive new RRP of 24,980 yen (including tax) for Japan, $249 for North America and euro 249 for Europe/PAL territories. SCE will also reduce the price of the PS3® system with 320GB HDD, currently available at a RRP of 34,980 yen (including tax), $349 and euro 349, to RRP of 29,980 yen (including tax), $299 and euro 299. The new pricing will be immediately effective for North America and Europe/PAL territories, and starting August 18, 2011 for Japan.”

Source: PlayStation Blog

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